Gravity Oddity

Put on your gravity boots and fire up your teleport gun!

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Defy gravity and warp your way through a procedurally generated galaxy in this roguelike space adventure.
Put on your gravity boots and ready your teleport gun to find the best approach to defeat your enemies and loot their spaceships.

Gravity has vanished. Planets keep shrinking, leading to their certain destruction. In hopes of survival, humans across the universe create colonies on floating land or simply live in their spaceships. Fortunately, Rio Grande Corp. anticipated this disaster and created the Gravity Boots empowering people to walk on any surface and almost live a normal life.

Rio Grande Corp’s main mission is to make the universe a better space but for unknown reasons, they kidnap your roommate Gary. It could not have been worse for you because you can’t afford the rent by yourself!

Embark on a journey to scout the galaxy alongside Newton, a cute furry friend, and get your roommate back!


  • Walk on any surface with your gravity boots, evade blasters and reach new areas with your teleport gun, and tame zero-gravity with your jetpack!
  • Loot enemies’ spaceships and settlements to find money, supplies, or mods to improve your weapon.
  • Combine mods to create the best synergies that match your playstyle.
  • Defeat bosses during intense battles and save Gary.
  • Customize your avatar, Newton and robot to your impeccable taste.