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Guilt Battle Arena v3.0 – The Definitive Update now available for free

The last update of Guilt Battle Arena is finally available.
We hope you will enjoy the tons of new features we added!

Here is the full release note:


  • Cup Mode: compete in a 10-rounds championship against 3 other opponents. Try to unlock all the medals in 8 unique cups.
  • Championship option: introduces a new way to count point. Players get rewarded points depending on their rank.
  • 6 new Game Modes:
    • Third Eye: Shoot to deal damage when the eye is closed
    • Heart Stealer: Shoot to steal your friends’ hearts.
    • Alien Pet: Shoot to steal the alien pet and lead it to the enemies.
    • Parasites: Shoot to pass the parasites, get rid of them all!
    • Fatal Dodgeball: Shoot to stun your friends and avoid the balls at all cost.
    • Gold Rush: Shoot to steal players’ gold, be sure to have the most gold!
  • 4 new Modifiers:
    • Short Range: Bullet’s range is shorter.
    • Fast Bullet: Bullets are twice as fast.
    • Low Gravity: Jump like you are on the moon!
    • Shoot Behind: Players hold their gun backwards.
  • 32 new costumes.
  • 4 new Horde levels:
    • Close Encounter: Your have a short range gun.
    • Blobs From Outer Space: Stay away from the blobs, wait for them to explode.
    • Dodgy Stadium: Avoid the balls at all cost.
    • Backward Ship: You hold your gun backwards.
  • 13 new Achievements / Trophies.
  • Improve bots AI.
  • Minor changes.


  • Gameplay: fix issue when sometimes the game will be stuck on a black screen.
  • Gameplay: accuracy is now properly calculated.
  • Gameplay: fix crash in Chicken Rain.
  • UI: fix offset on camera after the intro sequence is played.
  • Achievements: achievements are not more triggered by bots.
  • Steam: “My Score” leaderboard stats now works properly.
  • Switch: fix issue when sometimes the game won’t start if the console is connected.
  • Xbox One: fix achievements not triggered.

Fun, unique and polished Indie Games

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