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Guilt Battle Arena v2.0 – The Bots Update now available for free

We listened to the community to ship the first free update!
You can now enjoy the whole Guilt Battle Arena as a solo player with the addition of bots.
A new one will come later with more content.

Here is the full release note:


  • Bots: adding bots in versus. You can now fully enjoy Guilt Battle Arena if you are a solo player.
  • Battle Arena Mode: delivers the best experience without asking you to set anything. Just sit and play.
  • Vote: the Battle Arena mode introduces votes. One player can now vote for the next game mode!
  • Versus mode has been renamed Custom for more clarity.
  • Co-op: dead player comes back as a ghost and the other one can still try to beat the high-score.
  • Co-op: decrease the score needed to unlock each stars. (15 for 1, 30 for 2 and 50 for 3).
  • Co-op has been renamed Horde for more clarity.
  • Game Mode: change Rocket Man values.
  • Modifiers: change Multi-Bullet icon.
  • Modifiers: change Speed-Up values.
  • Modifiers: replace legs by springs if Trampoline is on.
  • Chests: you will unlock chests faster!
  • Switch: video capture support.
  • Xbox One and Steam: change achievements 500 versus rounds to 250 rounds and 1000 rounds to 500 rounds.
  • Minor changes.


  • Gameplay: the jetpack is no more stuck when the cannons shoot in Capture the Flag.
  • Achievements: Cat Fireworks only works in versus.
  • Switch: can’t be stuck anymore when a controller is disconnected on the character selection screen.
  • Switch: can’t be stuck when launching the game.
  • Xbox One: Global and My Score are now showing the correct scores.
  • PS4: controller’s lights now use the players’ colors.
  • PS4: the trophies icons are now correct.
  • PS4: 100 versus trophies can be unlocked.
  • Localization: typo issue in Japanese in the intro text.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Fun, unique and polished Indie Games

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